7 Tips to Keep Your Golden Retriever Calm Through Fireworks

Did you know that dogs have double the hearing range as humans? We hear 20,000 Hz but they hear 40,000 Hz! They hear sounds that we can’t. It’s no wonder they are very sensitive around loud noises. Here are 7 Tips to help your dog stay calm during holidays like July 4th.

  1. Exercise – Take them out for a long walk or run earlier in the day. This will help them to relax later when the fireworks start.
  2. Close Curtains and Doors – Closing curtains and doors will help to muffle the sound so it’s not quite so loud.
  3. Turn on the TV or Radio – This will help to drown out the outside noise.
  4. Stay With Them – If possible, stay with your dog. This will allow you to comfort them by talking and acting calmly.
  5. Give Them a Toy or Treat – Giving them something like a bone or doggie toy can help to distract them.
  6. Use Calming herbs – The scent of lavender or herbal pills or drops can help to calm them down.
  7. Wrap them in cloth or a Thundershirt. You can purchase a Thundershirt or make a similar one with cloth.

Here is a video with calming music and sounds for dogs.


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