Love of a Mother..

You really can’t imagine how really Love of a Mother to their child.

Being a mother is an amazing gift. It’s in their nature to Love and Protect their child.

Check out this 4years old Golden Retriever named Addie. According to her owner, her other pups is already adopted, so Addie feared of losing another puppy. In the video, Addie is trying her best to protect this little one puppy left from her owner to get away child from her. I was amaze and touch to see how Addie love her child. Retrievers are known to be very intelligent animals with magnificent auras. I’m extremely sad this was done to her. Heartbreaking video… wake up every one of you that assumed this is so adorable. She is a delightful creature as is her child, however this video isn’t ‘charming’ it’s extremely sad!

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